NOBEL (NOBEL) modifier of biological reactions

NOBELlife Технологии и препараты для долголетия

Biological reaction modifiers are agents that have the ability to change the biological response of an organism in such a way that it has a favorable therapeutic effect in various conditions. MBRs occupy an intermediate position between dietary supplements and drugs by the mechanism of action, a single classification currently does not exist.

The aging of the body begins to actively manifest itself after 20 years, both objectively and subjectively. Currently, there are a large number of objective methods for determining biological age, among which are:

  • aging rate and changes in the cardiovascular system;
  • cell aging rate;
  • inflammation;
  • accumulation of metabolites, old defective cells (senescent cells);
  • change in immunity.

In turn, this leads to the manifestation of age-related diseases and conditions:

  • neurodegenerative (Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease);
  • cardiovascular / cardiovascular: ischemic heart disease, heart attacks, strokes;
  • metabolic disorders and diabetes;
  • rheumatoid.

The NOBEL biological response modifier changes the body’s biological response in such a way that it has a favorable therapeutic effect in these conditions, preventing these diseases, and during the development of the latter, it helps translate into lasting remission.